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Introduction to the Paintings

Since my early years I have been drawn to the hills and mountains, first in North Wales, in the English Lake District and in Scotland, and more recently to the Alps in Switzerland where I now live. Photography is the medium I use to capture the variety of landscape forms and their ever-changing moods in different conditions of light, weather and season, and provides the raw material for my subsequent painting in the studio.

For me, painting with brush on canvas is how I can best express what I feel most deeply about the richness of landscape and the magic of the mountain scene. I invite you to view the results of my endeavours by browsing through the paintings displayed here and hope you can share my pleasure in the beauty of wild natural scenery.

Here are some of my paintings depicting the Alps, the Hebrides, Australia and New Zealand:

Sunrise from the Riffelberg, above Zermatt Bosta, Great Bernera, Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides
Echidna Chasm, Purnululu National Park, Australia Mount Cook and La Perouse Glacier, New Zealand

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All the paintings were done in the studio, using acrylic paint on cotton canvas stretched over fibre board. Those which have been exhibited are mounted in a wooden frame, typically in a white-gilded shadow-box frame as shown on the Homepage. The prices shown include the frame, although the paintings can also be purchased without if preferred.

If you have any questions or an interest in a particular painting, please feel free to contact me.