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This is where I can share my passion for mountain landscape and wild natural places with others who are excited by the beauty of light and colour, shape and form, and the diversity of the scenery all around us. Although I use photography to capture the raw material, the definitive medum of my artistic expression is through paint and brush on canvas. Enjoy your visit!
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Weisshorn - above the Clouds

“The Weisshorn above the Clouds”

This new painting of the Weisshorn seen from above Zermatt was my contribution to this year's exhibition of the Guild of Swiss Mountain Painters. The theme was "Above the Clouds" and the exhibition in the gallery Räberstöckli in Niederbipp, Canton Solothurn ran from Saturday 26 August to Sunday 10 September.

For further details see the GSBM website
or download the Exhibition Flyer(PDF, in German).

The Paintings
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Since my early years I have been drawn to wild natural landscape, and especially to the hills and mountains, first in North Wales, in the English Lake District and in Scotland, and more recently to the Alps in Switzerland where I now live. Photography is the medium I use to capture the variety of landscape forms and their ever-changing moods in different conditions of light, weather and season, and provides the raw material for my subsequent painting in the studio.

For me, painting with brush on canvas is how I can best express what I feel most deeply about the richness of landscape and the magic of the mountain scene. In the process I re-live the excitement of the original moment and discover many details which I had hardly noticed at the time.

I invite you to view the results of my endeavours by browsing through the paintings displayed here and hope you can share my pleasure in the beauty of wild natural scenery. Here you can see the complete List of Works.

Prints and Cards
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Over 150 paintings are available as digital prints in sizes A2, A3 and A4 and as A5 cards.

Matterhorn print A2

Whether for the home, the office or as a present, an image of the landscape opens a window on the natural world and brightens up the day. All my paintings over the last 30 years, of the Alps, Scotland, Australia and New Zealand are available as high-quality digital reproductions on Fine Art paper, individually printed to order.

To browse the range of prints and cards by subject and geographical region we invite you to visit our Print Shop.

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Born in 1942, I grew up in England but it was books about the Alps and Himalaya that opened a window on the world of hills and mountains, and awakened my interest in photography and landscape painting.

Having learned in my early years the basic skills of drawing and painting I started to use acrylics in the 1980s and have developed my technique in this medium ever since.

Crib Goch 1954
Zermatt 1990
Bachalpsee 2012

For over 30 years I have lived in Switzerland, working at first as an IT professional in the chemical industry and then as a self-employed website designer. In my spare time I was able to pursue my artistic interests and was accepted as a member of the Guild of Swiss Mountain Painters in 1995, serving on the committee as exhibition organiser and webmaster between 2000 and 2012.

You can read here my Artist Statement and my views on quality and aesthetics in the art of landscape painting.

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Since 1985 I have participated in many exhibitions, which has given me the opportunity to show my work to a wider audience and to offer original works and reproductions for sale.

For many years I have exhibited not only in and around Basel but also in many parts of Switzerland, thanks to my membership of the Guild of Swiss Mountain Painters.

A chronological summary of the various exhibitions, with details of date, venue and the works shown is given in the Exhibition List.

GSBM Ausstellung 2012 Appenzell
Ausstellung Trotte Arlesheim 2014
Ausstellung KSU Unterseen 2014

Visit our Virtual Reality exhibition

Click here for a Virtual Reality tour of the 3-D exhibition of mountain paintings by Werner Beyeler and myself.

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For me the challenge of landscape painting is not only finding the "right" viewpoint for the chosen subject but also to catch the conditions of season, weather and lighting, that satisfies my artistic intention. The subsequent translation into paint on canvas in the studio gives me the time necessary to "do it right", whereby truth to nature is more important to me than photographic exactitude. If you are interested in a particular painting or have any questions, I would be delighted to hear from you.